news archive
New version of the Album Folder Attribute Tracker add-on is out as of today. It now features a settings window as well as the ability to have the album cover as directory icon. The new version 2.0.0 is available at our downloads page.
In the mean time, several applications were updated and released on BeBits. Those versions are now also available here; among the updated titles you'll find the BFS-tool in version 0.7.6, mp3repack in version 0.9.2 and more.
New tools (mp3repack, albumattr) and updates to existing tools (theScheduler, id3attr) for BeOS released. Screenshots for Nebula and albumattr available on the download page.
Only two years after the release of its first official beta, the new version 0.8.16 of the video recorder software Capture is now available in the download area.
It's been some time, but the sis900 network driver now supports the SiS 735 chipset and probably all other current SiS chipset which utilizes the SiS 900 network chip.
You will find the latest driver on the download page.
BFS-tools including online documentation and the latest version 0.9.6 of the SiS 900 driver are now ready.
New networking device driver sis900 for BeOS added.
New program Capture and the screen saver Nebula for BeOS added (see download page).

Among other minor changes, a bug in the HTML code was fixed which causes NetPositive to not correctly display these pages.

New programs reindex and iso9660/multi-session for BeOS added.
Updated ignition's product description: OpenGL/Mesa charts will probably not appear in the first release.
Some more work has been done to these pages.
There are now some commented screenshots from ignition. So you may see something until the beta version will be released.
Since we are also developing for the BeOS, the pages were changed to include this section.

New Scheduler 1.9 for AmigaOS is out, and a BeOS version is now available. New version 1.1.0 of id3attr for BeOS.

New Scheduler 1.8 is out.
Several errors fixed on this site and tests with different browsers on different operating systems (see info).
The pages of gtdrag and the Scheduler are now ready.
New Scheduler 1.7 (4.3.2000).
Some bugs on these pages removed, several enhancements made. A few programmes are now downloadable.
New tools makedoc and cdoc.
The first version of the pinc Software-HomePage is now finally online.
The pages of the programmes are still missing.