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ignition v1.0, Beta 1 (12.8.2006)542 kB
A beta version of ignition for testing purposes. This version is not restricted, however, it still contains some defects, and only meager documentation; also, Excel import and export is not yet available.
Developer Documentation n/a
You find the include files and the documentation for developing own diagram, I/O and object classes.
Not yet available!
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gtdrag 3.5 (25.8.99) 61.5 kB
The gtdrag library including the developer documentation and example sources (on the Aminet in dev/gui).
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Scheduler 1.9 (28.10.2000) 33.4 kB
The same archive is on the Aminet in util/cdity.
memtest 1.0 (15.1.2000) 10.3 kB
This programme scans the available memory for errors. It has to be started from a shell and reports every single error.
touch 1.1 (21.1.2000) 3.8 kB
This is an Amiga version of touch which is a standard command on every Unix. It uses Amiga style arguments.
makelib 1.0 (29.6.99) 22.6 kB
"makelib" is a small tool which extracts function headers and prototypes out of standard ANSI-C-Source and automatically creates the following files (replace mylib with your one of your project names): clib/mylib_protos.h, pragmas/mylib_pragmas.h, proto/mylib.h, and mylib_lib.fd.
This archive is on the Aminet in dev/misc.
cdoc 0.9ß (29.6.99) 13.5 kB
This is an aequivalent of javadoc for ANSI-C. It produces a complete documentation (output as text or AmigaGuide®) out of the source and special comments. The final product should also be able to produce HTML output.
This product is beta software! It is still undocumented.
DelayedDOSDrivers 1.0 (24.2.1998)2 kB
This is a small script which you can use to wait a specified time before the specified DOS drivers will be bound to the System.
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Capture 0.8.16 (11.4.2003) 151.66 kB
Records videos to your harddisk, free available beta version
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theScheduler 1.1.0 (28.1.2003) 102.03 kB
current version
BFS-tools 0.7.6 (25.5.2004) 337.88 kB
A collection of programs for the Be File System to recover files from unmountable disks, and other useful stuff.
Have a look at the online documentation.
mp3repack 0.9.2 beta (26.5.2004) 32.17 kB
Reencodes existing mp3 sound files with another bitrate or other new properties. It's used as a Tracker add-on.
id3attr 1.2.0 (8.6.2003) 34.5 kB
Maps the id3-tags of a mp3 sound file to the Audio-attributes of the file system.
Album Folder Attributes 2.0.0 (3.12.2004) 29.2 kB
Creates a new file type for music albums. It retrieves the audio attributes from an album, and sets the corresponding properties at the folder containing the album. Additional to it's use as a command line tool, it can be used as a Tracker add-on. Screenshot available.
reindex 2.0.0 (10.11.2001) 10.71 kB
A small tool to add your older files to a newly created index, or to create indices from other volumes.
Nebula 1.1.0 (18.6.2001) 29.0 kB
This is a screen saver which draws a nebular effect on the screen, including motion blur - the original effect was written by someone who call itself "corTeX / Optimum" in 1998. Have a look at some screenshots.
iso9660/multi-session 1.0.0 (12.3.2001) 11.0 kB
A replacement for the original ISO-9660 file system with support for multi-session CDs.
sis900 1.0.1ß (17.8.2003) 22.3 kB
A driver for SiS 900 based networking devices, and integrated chipsets like the SiS 630 or 735.