ignition-logo ignition is a modern spreadsheet program with a small but relational all-purpose database.

You can realize your address database and manage your apartment house or whatever you like. You can calculate with times and dates as if they were regular numbers. The whole system can be controlled via ARexx.

You have several possibilities to visualize your data: in addition to the standard set of charts, you will be able to choose even diagrams using Mesa/OpenGL. The different diagram and object types are implemented via an Add-On architecture which will be freely available in a separate developer kit.

It's unlikely that the OpenGL/Mesa chart set will be available in the initial release of ignition, to be able to take other, more important things into account without any further delays.

ignition is not yet available; the development is in progress. However, a beta version has been released for you to play with, report bugs, and suggest extensions.

  AmigaOS 3.0 or higher (v39+)
current version
ignition 1.0 beta 1 (12.8.2006)