The gtdrag shared library provides the possibility of the drag&drop-feature for gadtools- and boopsi-applications. It is thought to close the gap between now and an upcoming version of AmigaOS with this features included. If this will ever be included in an AmigaOS.

It is definitely not the best you can imagine, but it works good and is easy to use.

You drag an entry of a listview when you select it and move the mouse horizontal more than 10 pixels. On other gadget types except for custom gadgets (BOOPSI), you have to move >3 pixels to start dragging. Furthermore, you may press the special drag key (the alternate key) to begin a drag immediately.

The drag&drop feature is not limited to a single window or application, every gadget you add or which supports drag&drop, is included.
But of course, it is limited to one screen at the same time.

The gtdrag library extends the Gadget Toolkit but also includes all boopsi gadgets in a smart and compatible way. Custom gadgets which support drag&drop are recognised automatically.

Furthermore, it provides a set of rendering callback hooks for listviews which are very powerful (e.g. a tree-view).

AmigaOS 3.0 or higher (v39+)

The library can be opened under OS 2.0, though, but the drag & drop feature works only with OS 3.0 or newer.

current version
gtdrag.library 3.5 (25.08.99)