The "Scheduler" is a simple and small programme which manages and displays your schedule. It can remind you optically and acustically.

It's a commodity and has its window on the Workbench-Screen. The window displays a whole week or another range in your schedule.

You can mark birthdays and other "deadlines" and view them weeks or days before they reach your weekly plans.
Even weekly dates like TV series and other stuff can be created very easily. Furthermore you can let Scheduler execute every shell-command at a specified time.

The Scheduler can be configured via tooltypes and a text file, the schedule file.

Amiga-Version: AmigaOS 3.0 or higher (v39+)
  BeOS-Version: BeOS R5 (or newer), x86-compatible CPU; a PowerPC-version is currently not included
current version
Amiga-Version: Scheduler 1.9 (28.10.2000)
  BeOS-Version: theScheduler 1.1.0 (28.1.2003)