AmigaOSRelease Notes
Version 1.0 (22.2.1999)
  • initial version
Version 1.1 (23.2.1999)
  • added SIGBREAKF_CTRL_F to reload schedule
  • added parsing of every entry's date ([[yy]yy], day1-7, so-sa, sun-sat)
  • added flags: (h)old, (b)efore, (a)fter, (s)eparator
  • only changes are drawn in the "day"-row
  • option fix[ed] added to tooltype WINDOW
Version 1.2 (5.3.1999)
  • added daily timer (checks all 2 minutes)
  • new tooltype FONT sets window font
  • the window becomes no longer active if it pops up without user invocation.
Version 1.3 (21.3.1999)
  • if no dates are displayed, the window remains no longer open.
  • if the schedule file couldn't be open a corresponding message is shown.
  • the window can now be moved.
  • a double click on the window now invokes a configurable command (tooltype COMMAND) with a configurable output (tooltype OUTPUT).
Version 1.4 (9.1.2000)
  • You can now omit the month in a date (suggested by Lance Neustaeter).
  • It's now possible to set a period and a start date, see Schedule.
Version 1.5 (11.1.2000)
  • Dates without a period have been handled incorrectly...
Version 1.6 (15.1.2000)
  • new option "t", the time column is now parsed.
  • new tooltype SOUND to play a sound at the time-notification.
  • new tooltype PUBSCREEN to let the window open on any public screen.
  • supports locale.
Version 1.7 (4.3.2000)
  • add flag (r)emember which shows an exclamation mark at the specified time.
  • option (a)fter now works for dates with a period.
  • shell commands can now be executed at a given date/time (as proposed by several people).
  • add flag (e)xactly [once].
Version 1.8 (9.5.2000)
  • flag "r" did not work correctly.
  • new option (o)nce added.
  • optimized parsing of weekdays
Version 1.9 (28.10.2000)
  • new daily option (set date to "day")
  • alarm at 0:00 did not warn before midnight (e.g. with t5), fixed.
  • one letter text columns got lost.
BeOSRelease Notes
Version 1.0.0 (28.10.2000)
  • initial release
Version 1.0.1 (4.2.2001)
  • the maximum width of dates with the remember-option wasn't calculated correctly
Version 1.0.2 (19.1.2003)
  • Did not correctly parsed other white space than blanks.
Version 1.1.0 (28.1.2003)
  • Now displays text "No schedules", if there are none.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.