Capture-logo With Capture you are able to record the input of your BeOS-enabled TV receiver card to disk.

Depending on the performance of your computer only, you may freely choose between all video encoders installed on your system. While recording, you can follow the video in a window.

Furthermore, the recorded audio signal can be resampled to different frequencies or just the mono signal.

Currently, only a beta of this program is available. Capture is shareware, but you may use it for free until the final version is released.
If you have any questions regarding the full version, have some ideas, problems, or just found a bug (or more bugs), please let me know.

  BeOS R5 (or newer), x86-compatible CPU (a PowerPC-version is currently not included), a BeOS enabled TV card
You should have a more or less fast system (CPU and/or harddisks) to make use of this program.
current version
Capture 0.8.16 (11.4.2003)