Release Notes
Version 0.6.0 (2.7.2001)
  • initial free beta release
Version 0.6.3 (4.7.2001)
  • changing the video size resized the video window one pixel too large
  • connecting to the video producer is much faster now
  • uses now the internal ring buffer implementation, because the BBufferGroup isn't used from the MediaKit if it has more than 3 buffers...
  • the video size menu in the format window now knows the target video window from the beginning
  • frame rate setting is now enabled and working
Version 0.7.11 (29.7.2001)
  • included the Bt848's PAL-M bug work-around from Bruno G. Albuquerque and the S-VHS bug work-around provided by Stephan Aßmus
  • complete rearrangement of the interface (timer configuration is not yet functional)
  • you can now choose among user-defined format settings
  • many other changes
Version 0.8.16 (11.4.2003)
  • vastly extended version
  • timer does now work
  • rearranged format handling
  • now updates the video input in all color modes (but not always perfectly: YCbCr422 is ways too slow, YCbCr411 is just wrong)
  • many, many other things